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10 music festival must-have items to put in your survival kit

Festival season has arrived and you must think about not only your fancy outfit but an extra survival kit. We collected the most necessary things for the packing list so you could choose what is the best and feel confident while having fun.

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1. Sunscreen. Be nice to your skin and slather this lightweight 100+ SPF all over your face and body. Don’t forget to re-apply it three to four times throughout the day. Your skin will thank you then, trust us.

2. A bucket hat. After you’ve applied sunscreen, throw on the cute hat that won’t trap any lingering sweat. A hat will save you from sunstroke.

3. Band-Aids for blisters. Just in case you made a rookie mistake and didn’t break in your boots before heading to the festival, pack a box of blister-healing band-aids to relieve any pain or discomfort.

4. Cheap sunglasses. Don’t even think about packing your favourite sunglasses—when you’re sweating and bumping into people, go for an affordable pair that look way more expensive than they are.

5. Purell. Throw a bottle or more of purell in your bag when the line to wash your hands is too long and you don’t want to miss the next set.

6. A bandana. Music festivals like Coachella are notorious for its dust storms, and you’re going to need a cute bandana like this one to prevent the dirt from getting into your mouth or nose.

7. A lightweight portable charger. You will probably need it when you realize your phone is dying and you need to call an Uber to get back home.  

8. Scrunchies for hair. At some point during the day, your hair will go up in a ponytail or bun, no matter how much time you spent on those beach waves in the morning.

9. Deodorant. Perfume masks gross smells—use deodorant if you want to actually feel clean in the crowd of sweaty people.

10. Painkillers. For the moments you forget to drink water throughout the day and suddenly your head is pounding from the music, painkillers will certainly come in handy.

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