10 things that will distort even a perfect figure

All of us, women, when we go shopping, sort and try everything a thousand times. But often at home in front of a mirror, we suddenly realize with horror that everything was in vain. Well, clothes don’t “suit you” at all. GoBeauty continues to protect you from accidental mistakes and give advice on fashion and beauty. So, we present the top-10 fashion failures committed by girls.

Huge baggy sweaters

For some reason, most women intensively wrap their folds in clothing a few sizes larger, and thus visually add another 5-7 kg. If a fragile petite girl will look touching in such a large sweater, then a lady with shapes will only exacerbate the problem of excess weight.

Shortened pants

Capris and breeches look good on skinny and long-legged girls, while the average figure is only distorted. Even if the seller in a clothing store ardently proves that such a model of pants visually elongates the silhouette, it is not. Breeches visually enlarge the ankles, buttocks and thighs, shorten the legs.

Skinny pants

Many girls are convinced that skinny pants make the figure slim and add attractiveness and sexuality to the look. It is an extremely unfortunate choice if you have extra pounds. Leggings and tight jeans are not able to hide the excessive weight. On the contrary, they perfectly emphasize all the shortcomings of the figure – “ears” on the thighs, folds over the belt of jeans with a low fit. Too tight pants disrupt the blood supply, which eventually develops varicose veins and cellulite. By the way, such a fate awaits not only overweight girls, but even the thin also can not avoid it.

Crop top

Worse than skinny jeans can only be a combination of it with a crop top. This outfit looks spectacular only on very skinny girls. And on a normal figure, it looks incomprehensible, inappropriate, untidy and sometimes even vulgar. Also, few of us can show ideal abs, so it is better not to take risks. So buy things that cover the stomach, and leave the shortened options except for the beach.

Clothes with sequins

Sequins are very beautiful. But almost every item from a regular store, decorated with sequins, looks provincial. And after the first wash, it is cheaper by almost half. You can, of course, buy an expensive option from a famous designer, but is it worth it for once? It is better to replace the space with lurex and metallized fabrics.

Lace dress

Lace is an extremely dangerous material. Because it shows not only uneven seams but also shows the quality of the pattern. And it, as a rule, in a mass-market like sequins – leaves much to be desired. And that’s not to mention that the material stretches and looks untidy. If you still dream of lace, look for clothing where it will play the role of decor. 

Skirt with an asymmetrical hem

The most common version of such clothing – with a shortened front. Such models shorten the legs and cut the figure, adding volume where it is most often not needed – on the hips. And even slender legs look like a wheel because the knees are almost always visually in the centre of the oval. What to say about imperfect legs.

Dress made of fine knitwear

It has been said and warned many times, but still, a large number of girls repeat the same old mistake. Thin knitwear almost with maniacal perseverance emphasizes all the irregularities of the silhouette – folds on the hips, tummy and so on. So, no matter how great the clothing looks on the hanger, leave it there. Do not succumb to provocation. Choose dense and textured knitting.

Thin cardigan

A thin plain cardigan with a smooth knit does not suit almost anyone. Because wearing it, you will understand that you will have to live in the gym. Therefore, choose only dense material, and only textured. 

Baby doll style dress

This style is perfect for 12-year-old girls, adult women rarely wear such dresses. They shorten the legs and generally add some pounds. In this case, the figure becomes disproportionate, even if it is close to the type of “hourglass”. Choose narrow and shorter dresses: they will visually lengthen the legs. Or a longer lush dress if you are tall. 

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