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36 years in hairdressing: Ben Mones shares his experience

Today we will share with you our interview with famous hairstylist Ben Mones.

Ben has 36 years of work as a stylist, of which 24 years as an international Art & Creative Director in 196 countries.

Ben Mones started his career as a hairdresser in Germany at Intercoiffeur Schillings in 1984. In 1994 he became master and makeup artist. In 1996 there were the first fashion shows for large fashion labels.

Also, this year Ben started in the international hairdresser business for German brands then international brands.

15 years ago Ben for the first time visited Ukraine and moved to Ukraine in 2013. According to the German standard of education, first taught in Donetsk then in Kharkiv. And now for 5 years in Kyiv, the hairstylist teaches masterclass and seminars.

Ben Mones also wrote articles as an author, for example for Estet

As a German in Ukraine, he can only say that it is a very nice country with very nice people. And it is a lot of fun to work here and to give young people the motivation and opportunity to work and learn well.

How did you start to work in the hairdressing business?

I had the wish to become a hairdresser in my childhood when I was 4 or 5 years old. I had always had a cool hairdresser as a child and wanted to be one too. So, in 1984 after school, I started the hairdressing profession.  

What qualities should a hairstylist have to be as successful as you are?

First of all, be determined. Then, open to everything new and the last one is to develop yourself further. 

What are the three main pieces of advice that you can give to a beginner hairstylist?

A beginner should have good knowledge of biology and chemistry, be sociable and trust yourself. 

Do you have any favourite techniques?

My favourite techniques…I was on the road for a long time and a lot internationally and saw many of them. But then developed them further so that new techniques were created, which I now demonstrate at seminars again and again, whether coloristics or haircut techniques.

What principles do you follow during teaching?

It depends on whether beginners or masterclass. I follow the principles of handicraft regulations. But I also make exceptions and give people the chance to learn the profession from the lowest level of the population.

Who is your ultimate hair icon and why?

I have none, there are so many great hairdressers no matter what skin colour or religion, all top people.

What do you predict will be huge in the world of hair in 2020?

There are many old school techniques in a new edition.

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