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4 trending accessories you definitely need this fall season

Sometimes the highlight of the look is not clothing, but accessories. Today, GoBeauty will talk about the most fashionable autumn details that will make you special and even more pretty.

Mini bag

The model remains relevant in the fall of 2019, moreover – becomes one of the main trends of the coming season. Triangular, rectangular, cylindrical or irregular in shape – it seems this year designers have taken a great interest in geometry.

Earrings with pearls

Elegant pearls continue to decorate seductive crop-tops, stylish handbags and women’s shoes. In autumn, pearls will appear in the ears of each of us. These will be gentle and ultra-long pearl earrings that will accent any autumn look.


If in the summer, massive chains mainly decorated the bags, then in the fall of 2019, they replace our belts and even jewellery. For example, the gold chain will complement the minimalist autumn dress perfectly.

Men’s belt

Ideas from the men’s wardrobe are very popular among female fashion trends. So, try on a basic leather belt. It will fit perfectly with masculine trousers or loose-fitting retro jeans. Wear an oversize T-shirt, cashmere sweater or shirt on top.

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