4 ways to get heatless curls

Curls are the most popular hairstyle at the fashion show and red carpet. It can be romantic, afro or with the effect of “yesterday’s” styling. Also, most bloggers choose this hairstyle as it looks feminine and tender. There are a lot of ways to get heatless curls, but we have prepared the most popular today.

Twist the hair in a bun

The fastest way to get wavy hair:

  1. Style wet hair in the tail.
  2. Twist it into a tight hair bun.
  3. Wrap around the hairband.
  4. Then, secure it with hairpins.
  5. Wait for the hair to dry.
  6. Remove the pins, loosen the tail.

Heatless curls with invisible hair bands

  1. Apply a little gel on wet hair.
  2. Separate the hair on the top and gather it into a neat bun. This part of the hair you will style at the very end.
  3. Divide the rest of the hair into locks of medium thickness.
  4. Wrap each lock around your index finger to form a loop. Hold the tip of the loop with your thumb and forefinger. Twist the strand around its axis until it turns into a “bagel”.
  5. Secure the “bagel” with an invisible hairband.
  6. When all the locks are fixed, start styling the top.
  7. Wrap your hair in a cotton towel and go to bed.
  8. In the morning, making sure that the hair is dry, carefully remove invisible hair bands.
  9. Untwist the bagels with your hands and lightly comb with your fingers.
  10. To further fix the hair, apply hairspray.

Curls with socks

You probably have a lot of odd socks that are not very nice to wear. Well, we have good news for you and offer to get curls with their help.

  1. Divide wet hair in half by horizontal parting on the back of the head, and then divide the temples in half vertically.
  2. Take a sock, divide the lock in half and put the sock in the centre. Release one curl and rotate a sock with the second. Then take the second lock and rotate the sock with it. Fix hair tips with an elastic band.
  3. Process all curls in this way.
  4. Leave the fixed curls for a few hours (overnight).
  5. Style the curls with your fingers (NOT a comb).

Heatless curls with rubber bands

  1. Wash your hair, wet it with a towel, lightly dry and comb.
  2. Divide the hair into locks. The thicker the lock, the more voluminous the curl will be.
  3. Apply styling to the tip of the hair. It will increase the degree of fixation of the curls.
  4. Carefully comb each curl, and then twist in the direction of the face to get a bun. Secure it with an elastic band.
  5. When all the buns are fixed, leave them to dry. It is better to do curls before going to bed so that the buns dry during the night. But, if your locks are thin, a few hours will be enough.
  6. After the heatless curls dry, untwist it and enjoy the result.
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