5 basic style rules that girls with perfect fashion taste adhere to

Many people believe that learning to choose and combine things correctly is an impossible task! But, in reality, this is just a matter of practice. There are several main style rules that are used by girls with impeccable taste. We talk about them below.

Every fifth purchase should be a profitable investment in the wardrobe

The casual clothing that the mass market offers from season to season is excellent, but do not litter the closet with things that will bore you in a couple of months. The 1 to 5 rule will help maintain balance.

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Try on trends to emphasize personal style, not because it’s so fashionable

Before spending money on super trendy outfits, make sure that these details reflect your style. Trust your inner instinct!

Make a winning set of three things

Choose in your wardrobe three details that are ideally combined, and in which you always feel comfortable. For example, jeans with a shirt and sneakers or black pants with a white T-shirt and a leather jacket. Having such a kit at hand, you will forget about the problem of “nothing to wear” and confusion during shopping.

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Buy clothing with which you can create at least three different looks

Remember: the more regular the thing, the more often it will delight you. It’s true.

Basic details must be repeated

Some clothes are designed to be worn as often as possible. We mean white shirts, grey t-shirts, jeans and other everyday things. Wear them day after day without being afraid to seem dull.

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