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5 excellent facial powders with price less than 10 dollars

Align the complexion, hide small flaws and fix makeup – these are the main tasks of facial powder. Applying a thin layer of powder on skin make it looks perfectly matte and eliminating fatty shine.

What are the types of facial powder

Shops offer a wide selection of powders, not only by brands but also by types:
• compact;
• friable;
• mineral;
• cream-powder;
• in the balls;
• baked.

Excellent facial powders that cost less than 10 dollars

On which product to stop – the question is individual, but it is better to have several options in your arsenal. The period of use of facial powder after you opened it is 6 months. After that, cosmetologists recommend to change powder to a new one, as there is a possibility that harmful microorganisms have settled in the opened one, and because of the influence of temperature, moisture and air, powder gradually loses its properties.
In order to always have several types of facial powder in your beautician and after the end of its life it was not a shame to replace it, we offer 5 excellent products that cost less than 10 dollars.

1. Maybelline Affinitone Powder – compact powder from the French brand Maybelline. Like any compact facial powder, it is applied easily and quickly by using a velour puff. It tones and smooths the complexion, and thanks to the silky structure it does not overdry or tighten the skin.

2. Loose Powder Cashmere Mat – friable powder from the popular brand Eveline. Because of its characteristic light texture, it fuses beautifully with the face, does not clog pores, does not emphasize fine wrinkles and peeling.

3. Benecos Natural Mineral Powder – German mineral facial powder. The main difference of mineral powders from compact and friable is in its content of useful minerals and components that gently take care of facial skin. Among components of Benecos Natural Mineral Powder, it is necessary to distinguish: kaolin clay (mats the skin), chamomile extract (neutralizes irritation and redness), argan oil (moisturizes), vitamin E (protects against free radicals).

4. Crème Puff from Max Factor – cream facial powder from the world brand. It is the ideal solution for dry skin that is sensitive if using compact powders. Thanks to the texture, it perfectly fits, mats and moisturizes skin.

5. Pierre Rene Powder Balls – facial powder in balls of different shades allows you to make perfect makeup. At the same time, reflective particles give the face freshness and light shine. Organic compounds protect the skin from the negative effects of sunlight.

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