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5 fashionable braids worth learning to this summer

Braids are a super universal hairstyle, which never ceases to be relevant.

If you are not yet ready for serious changes, urgently start learning how to make braids, because bright hairstyles with braids will easily add fresh notes to your look.

Beautiful braids on the temples

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It is better to braid only one part of the head, and the remaining curls can be left flowing or collected in a high tail.

Triple braid decorated with the shawl

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Divide the hair into three parts, each of which braids into a regular braid or fishtail. Then put all the pieces together in a stylish hairstyle. It is possible to decorate curls with a volume elastic band or a silk scarf.

Pseudo braid hairstyle

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If in general you like hairstyles with braids, but you are not ready to braid them, pay attention to supersonic pseudo braids. They can be done in two ways: tightly wrapping the low tail with a velvet ribbon, or merely intercepting the curls with a series of thin elastic bands.

Tails with twisted braids

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If you combine two low tails and a scattering of small twisted braids, you will get a fresh and slightly naive look. The best clothing for these braids is a light shirt and denim shorts.

A relaxed braid

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Braided strands from the temples + loose hair – one of the main summer hairstyles. This is because it looks very stylish and wearing it is very comfortable. Such a hairstyle will look more competent on medium and long hair, and a texturing spray will help to add a negligent effect.

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