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5 fashionable hair colouring ideas for this spring

   With the onset of spring, we especially want to change something in ourselves, to be renewed. And if losing weight is a long-lasting task, then you can colour your hair with just one visit to the hairstylist. In this article, we will talk about 5 the most fashionable ideas of hair dyeing in the spring of 2019. 


1. Lilac hair colour. This year all shades from lavender to brighter amethyst are in fashion. Thus, the colouring technique can be any. Balayage and shatush using lilac notes will refresh the look, and total colouring will make it especially original. It is important to choose your perfect shade of warm or, on the contrary, cold lilac colour and to enjoy enthusiastic attention.


2. Bronde hair. You should pay attention to this kind of hair colouring in case you don’t like experiments. The technique consists of the optimal combination of dark and light strands. At the same time, beauty experts recommend choosing shades as close as possible to the natural hair colour. This method allows you to add volume to thin hair. Playing within 2-3 colour tones makes facial features more expressive and has a rejuvenating effect.


3. Contouring. The make-up technique that emphasizes the merits of the face with the help of a dark bronzer and a light highlighter has also proven itself in the hairdressing industry. By highlighting the curls of hair in the same way, you can emphasize certain areas and hide others. This will make your hair look fresh and unusual even without updating the haircut.


4. AirTouch hair colouring technique. Hair dyeing of any length with the use of a hairdryer is a new trend of recent years, which is gaining popularity in 2019. The essence of the colouring technique is simple: hairstylist selects strands of hair and blows off excess hair with a hairdryer so that 30-40% of the strands remain in the hands. After that, applying paint to the remaining hair. The distribution scheme of the strands and the time of exposure of the paint only hairstylist knows. The result of this colouring allows you to emphasize the structure of the haircut and gives it volume.


5. Secret hair dyeing. If you want a radical change, pay attention to the outrageous colouring technique – a rainbow. It was all for you that hairstylists came up with a new method, in which bright rainbow strands are hidden under the curls of natural pastel shades.


Whatever type of colouring you choose, remember that the main attribute of beauty is a good mood. Take it with you everywhere and you will definitely look stunning. 

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