5 films with Monica Bellucci everyone should watch

The legendary actress Monica Bellucci first appeared on screen in 1990 and almost 30 years in cinematography starred in various films: from Italian classics to French art house and iconic blockbusters. On September 30, beautiful Monica Bellucci turned 55, and we made a selection of great films with her participation.

Malena, 2000

Italy’s most outspoken director, Giuseppe Tornatore, gave Bellucci a starring role in his film “Malena” and forever bonded her the status of the sexiest woman of today. The actress plays the adult daughter of a school principal in an idyllic town on the southern coast of interwar Sicily. She is a typical Sicilian girl – independent, determined and insanely beautiful. For local teens, she is the object of desire, but for everyone else, the source of scandalous gossip. The picture of Tornatore is likened to being compared to Frederic Fellini’s “Amarcord” and “8½”, for her deliberately sexual teenage fantasies. Of course, “Malena” is a more straightforward story, but Bellucci manages to decorate it as best she can.

Irreversible, 2002

A scandalous French thriller with scenes of violence from director Gaspar Noé. The events in the film are revealed in reverse chronological order. On the eve of filming, the director had only three pages of script, which contained only a description of the story. Therefore, all the dialogues of heroes are complete improvisation. The film premiered at the 55th Cannes Film Festival. It shocked the guests so much that more than two hundred people left the hall, and some even complained of a bad feeling.

Perhaps the reason for the success of the film is the exacerbation of the passions that have burst into the hearts of the actors, and this has had a significant impact on their work. Therefore, the movie “Irreversible” could not be ignored.

Wild Blood, 2008

Italians love stories about unhappy, and better, tragic love. In such a way that breathing is intercepted, one would like to experience the same – excitement, fear, pain and unspeakable happiness at the same time. Crazy Blood meets all the rules of the game. Also, the film is based on real events. At the heart of the story is the love story of two actors Osvaldo Valenti and Louise Feridini. For a long time, Ferida wanted her idol but only reached certain heights in the profession, was able to attract his attention. The action unfolds amid the Second World War – not knowing where to go and least wishing to be involved in political games, Oswaldo and Louise find refuge among the fascists. Out of time, out of wars, out of political differences, they loved each other and art until. But we won’t reveal all the cards.

Don’t look back, 2009

This mystical melodrama is a true marvel of modern cinema. Writer Jeanne was in a car accident, and now much of her life is erased from her memory. To reclaim her lost memories, Jeanne finds a strange change: from now on, she sees in the mirror a completely different woman, a man, children begin to appear strangers. It would be easy to assume that the heroine played by two actresses, Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau, is just crazy, but for the director, it would be too easy. The truth that seems to lie on the surface is no more than a deception, a mirage. Jeanne has to make an arduous journey through Italy and at the same time on her memories, in an attempt to find the answers to her questions.

The Whistleblower, 2010

There are eternal things. For example, the concept of morality. Is it possible to consider an immoral woman who, to make money for her daughter, covers the slave trade? You have to find the answer to this question after watching the drama and at the same time the first feature film directed by Larysa Kondracki. To embark on your journey into the world of great cinema with drama is bold. But the movie has everything that makes fans of such stories amazed – subdued tones, as if there is evil, always gloomy and raining, and beautiful women who are on the trail of war from despair. The Whistleblower is an action-packed drama, Larysa Kondracki’s brilliant debut.

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