5 makeup techniques that scare men

   The strength of makeup is difficult to overestimate: it helps to emphasize the natural beauty, hide age and lack of sleep, and sometimes even change a person beyond recognition. We, women, often experience that without make-up, for example, in the morning or after a shower we look bad. And in attempts to “upgrade” ourselves sometimes we go too far. GoBeauty interviewed men between the ages of 20 and 40, and they said that they were embarrassed about the appearance of women.


  1. Foundation excess. My girlfriend likes to look spectacular and always puts a lot of foundation. Because of this, the face looks like a mask, the cream is very noticeable. It would be better if she was not applying makeup at all. Bob, 28 years old.
    Modern tonal bases, concealers and bronzers help to hide defects, but when using them it is important to know the measure. Otherwise, the face will look like a mask, and make-up will only spoil.

  2. “Eyelashes and eyebrows excess”. My wife is blonde and has bright eyelashes and eyebrows. First, she made black eyebrows, which look unnatural, and then increased (in fact stuck) eyelashes. The same black colour. What for? It is evident that they aren’t natural. James, 36 years old.
    Modern technology has allowed solving the issue of the density of the eyelashes with their extensions. Inexpressive eyebrows can be corrected with the help of a tattoo. But it is important to choose a tone that fits your colour type. And, of course, you need to know the measure, 3D-eyelashes is the maximum, and eyebrows should be no wider than 3 mm at the base.

  3. Lipstick and eye shadows of unnatural shades. When I got married, naturalness was in fashion. Now long sharp nails similar to claws, purple lipstick and bright eye shadows have come into fashion. And, of course, my wife wants to look “trendy.” Now I like her most after a shower when a barely noticeable pink shadow is left on her lips. Mark, 38 years old.
    Blue, purple, green, black, too light or dark colours are good for creating extravagant looks, but not for dating man. Make an impression on the boyfriend better with your charm or jokes, and not blue lipstick. In addition, kissing blue lips is somehow scary …

  4. Inappropriate make-up. My wife always looks well-groomed and leaves the house doing makeup. But you need to know when to stop! She comes with very bright make-up at the matinee in kindergarten and on my mom’s birthday. Persuading to wash does not help, we just quarrel. Justin, 39 years old.
    “Smoky eyes” is still the most popular make-up technique. But it can be different: in the afternoon you can mix light brown and sandy shades, and in the evening black shadows will be appropriate. And remember: we single out one thing – eyes or lips.

  5. Children’s shades in make-up. My girlfriend likes everything original and bright. And I can understand the choice of bright clothes, but why dye hair in pink? We are no longer 16 years old. Carl, 22 years old. While trying to stand out, it is important not to cross the fine line in order not to become a laughing stock. Going on the first date or party it is better to emphasize one thing, using one range of shades and avoid aggressive bright colours.
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