5 movies about love for an atmospheric Valentine's Day

Almost none of the romantic evening scenarios is complete without a cinema. But the quarantine ruined our plans for the coming holiday. How to arrange a romantic evening without going to public places? Of course, buy popcorn and watch a good movie with your loved one. You probably know where to buy first. And we will help you with the second! You can find a selection of romantic movies for two, can create a romantic atmosphere at home in a half-empty movie theatre in our article.

“Sleepless in Seattle”

A win-win classic of the comedy melodrama genre for those wishing to have a festive date in a practical casual style. Young Tom Hanks, the perfect soundtrack with a knockout final ballad by Celine Dion and Clive Griffin, and, of course, the night landscapes of New York. After “Sleepless in Seattle”, all lonely hearts know the ideal places for fateful meetings and can recognize any signs of fate.

“The Notebook”

The mercilessly sentimental melodrama about the art of keeping family archives transports viewers to the provincial America of the 1940s. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams embody a classic set of romantic images, neatly packaged in timeless retro. Dating on the river bank, strong hugs in the pouring rain will be filigree collected details of the past that do not require cosmetic repairs and restoration.

“Love me if you dare”

The characters of this story met each other in early childhood and even then realized: they are very similar. Since then, a very unusual but incredibly harmonious couple has formed. For them, life is a game in which you do something: a risky step, a try or “pass”. That is how Julien and Sophie grew up, and their games became more and more scary. The children have grown up. But have they changed? No. Life is still indistinguishable from the game. Even though life divided couple in different directions, they knew that they loved each other. Someday the game must come to an end. But what will it look like for Sophie and Julien?

“Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind”

A non-trivial melodrama without long kisses and stereotyped confessions by Michel Gondry, the master of fantasy-romantic handmade. Freaky characters played by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, who met on a cold country beach on Valentine’s Day, once decided to use the services of a suspicious medical firm to erase each other’s memories. The movie will be a package of anti-crisis measures for couples who need electoral amnesia to try to start all over again.


A classic of the genre, which over the years still touches to the depths of the soul. In the centre of the plot is a couple in love, which is impossible to admire. It is the embodiment of respect, harmony and friendship. One evening Sam and Molly returned from the theatre. It was long past evening, a dark street. Suddenly the couple is attacked by a robber. Sam dies trying to protect Molly. But that’s not the end of the story. Sam remains on Earth as a ghost who can’t come to terms with his death. But this is not the worst thing. Sam learns that the attack was not an accident, and Molly is in danger. But how can she be warned about this? It’s good that Sam accidentally met a female psychic named Oda Mae Brown…

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