5 outdated haircuts and hairstyles that had to be forgotten

Women’s hairstyles are as a new dress or a universal accessory. They give us confidence, change our mood, attract attention and make everyone around us look at us. And they can, on the contrary, be funny. GoBeauty has compiled anti-rating haircuts, which it is high time to leave in the past, or at least hide under a straw hat.

Cascade haircut

It went out of fashion a few years ago. Too many short layers in front is a bad decision: because of them the chin visually takes the form of the letter “V”, which no one goes. Besides, this haircut can be styled only in one version. It is not sexy and does not add length or volume to your hair. It is better to replace this haircut with a bob or elongated bob with soft, light layers without a blunt smooth cut. The layers should create a feeling of airiness and light carelessness, and not be perfectly smooth. If you want to revive the look of long hair, choose a soft cascade or just make a couple of shorter locks near the face and below, not necessarily the same length. 

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Feathering haircuts

Intensive feathering of hair along the entire length remained in the ‘90s. Feathering curls (especially radical) will not give you the desired volume: on the contrary, the hair will look even thinner. The trend is straight cuts and asymmetry. If you have thin sparse hair, pay attention to haircuts with a soft cascade. Glare colouring, balayage and shatush – techniques that will help you visually improve the condition of the hair: a competent stretch of colour will give the locks shine.

photo credit: strana-sovetov.com

Outdated forms

Such haircuts are waiting for us everywhere you look – at schools, clinics, shops and offices. The list goes on and on. Of course, there are no chances that they will sink irrevocably, but we will still hope for it. Such forms have long been obsolete, out of fashion and also add age. You don’t want to look older than you are, right?

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Hairstyles with perfect curls

“Doll” horizontal curls, neatly arranged in curls are a real anti-trend. If you want to look stylish, you need untidy “vertical” waves that are naturally curly, soft and elastic. The secret of its creation is simple: apply for thermal protection and curl hair, holding the curling iron at an angle of 45 degrees.

photo credit: strana-sovetov.com

Complex braiding

The next unfashionable hairstyle is “impossible braids”. Of course, large and voluminous braids look very beautiful, but this hairstyle looks a bit silly for every day. Also, the styling of such braids will take a lot of time, and more relevant now is natural. However, it does not mean that all braids should be excluded. Only those that resemble the hairstyles of Disney princesses are irrelevant.

photo credit: samirasjewelry/Instagram
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