5 tips for a stylish wardrobe

Lush hips, a full belly, bulky arms, wide torso – all these problems are easy to solve if you choose the right items of clothing. They can easily hide extra inches and give slimness. And it’s not about shapeless hoodies that make women even more unattractive.

Clothes of your size

Perhaps for most of us, this is already quite obvious. But the most common mistake made by people who want to hide excess weight is to wear clothes that are not their size. The first instinctive attraction of a person with an overweight problem is to buy clothes of a larger size, under which you could hide extra pounds. Never do that! Wear clothes only your size (and not less and not more than you would like). It is in these clothes you will look your best.

Dress with contrasting inserts

The dress-deception, a kind of optical illusion, is ideal for girls with any figure but looks especially cool on the owners of curvaceous forms. An outfit of dark colour with contrasting light inserts on the sides or at the waist will help to visually bring your silhouette to the hourglass standard. 

The style of such a dress should be as simple as possible. The ideal is A-line models, sheath dresses and if the hips are not very lush pencil skirt.

Sweater with a V-neck

Tops with such a neckline perform several useful functions. First, they focus on the neck and décolleté, distracting from less attractive parts of the body.

Secondly, they visually elongate the silhouette: in a sweater, with a V-neck, you will look a little taller and slimmer than you are. Finally, thirdly, they slightly adjust the size of the breasts. Girls with too curvaceous forms will surely be happy!

Accessories of the right size

Visible accessories will probably never go out of fashion, but women with a non-standard figure can not wear everything at once. An asymmetrically attached brooch looks better than a necklace dipped in the neckline if the figure with a lush bust.

Note that a large figure seems even larger with a small elegant handbag or a narrow belt. It is important to choose the size of the bag so that it is not too wide.

If you wear a massive pendant or a wide belt, you can not add other accessories to the outfit.

Puffy earrings help to visually enlarge the face. Rings with large stones make the same impression. In order not to accentuate the fullness of the hands, wear a beaded bracelet, completely abandoning the rings.

Which fabrics to prefer

You can hide the presence of excess weight by wearing clothes made of different materials. The main thing is to focus on the style of clothing. So, when it comes to a moderately outspoken dress, do not choose a product of fine knitwear. It will only emphasize the bulges in the abdomen and sides. Prefer denser materials that can hold and tighten problem areas.

However, you should avoid things sewn from a thick, buckled, shiny, openwork fabrics. They will visually give the contours of your body (especially the abdomen) unnecessary volume. If you like to wear cosy and warm knitwear, prefer small patterns rather than large “braids”. It is quite easy to hide excess weight with multi-layered clothing. Wearing several outfits made of thin material (such as a tunic and cardigan), you will distract from the imperfect belly and hips.

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