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6 incredible haircuts for different lengths of hair in summer 2019

Want to change your hairstyle? GoBeauty selected TOP-6 incredible ideas that you will definitely want to try. Be inspired and take a look at the experiment with the appearance, you won’t regret it!


This hairstyle has become very popular in the past warm season and retains its position in the summer of 2019. The most famous Hollywood celebrities choose both a classic and an elongated bob.

Extended bangs 

Dakota Johnson’s favourite hairstyle is back on the trend! With such a bang, you can spend a lot of experiments: divide it into two sides or style on one side.

Straight cut with a glossy hair-effect

A straight cut will add volume to even the most delicate and thin hair.

Shaggy haircut

If you’re not a fan of perfectly styled hair and prefer light hairstyle, pay attention to a shaggy haircut. It will help create the effect of relaxation because it is based on tips of different lengths and unusual texture.

Pixie haircut

The models with this hairstyle flooded the podium on the presentations of collections spring-summer 2019.

Shortened bangs 

A trendy alternative to an elongated bang is a short version. An unusually stylish look this bang has in combination with bob and pixie haircuts.

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