6 products that have no place in your makeup bag

Once a season, we conduct an audit in the closet, sort out seasonal things, throw away what we no longer use. It is a pleasant hassle because we bring our thought in order. Why not conduct an audit in a makeup bag? So, the TOP-6 beauty products you better get rid of.

Products that have lost their original appearance

Over time, all tools change their texture. They are pointless in the cosmetic bag and dangerous for the skin, as can cause allergic reactions.

Products that have not been used for a long time

Compared to clothes lying in the closet for years: it’s a pity to throw away, but there is no need to use them. But with beauty products, everything is much more serious.

Beauty items that do not suit you

Sometimes you buy beauty novelties, and then it turns out that these products are not for you. Experts advise removing cosmetics that do not suit you (give them to friends, relatives, or thematic sites).

Identical products

Admit it, the makeup bag will also have five (or more) lip glosses or lipsticks of the same colour, of which you use two options? So why keep their twin brothers? Experts advise to choose a maximum of two favourites and remove the rest somewhere until better times.

Brushes you don’t use

Make-up artists assure that a couple will be enough for everyday makeup, and all the others can be handed out without regret or put up for sale. Otherwise, they will only take up space.

Outdated beauty products

Beauty trends change quite often. But some products should not have been used last season. For example:

  • lipsticks, eye shadows and powders with sequins – they were relevant when we finished school;
  • dense foundation;
  • contouring palettes;
  • brown blush;
  • white kajal.

P.S: we think we don’t even need to write about expired cosmetics – its place in the trash. It is impossible to offer such to friends or on thematic sites. Just throw it away!

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