7 best spring fragrances

7 best spring fragrances

How long have we been waiting for this wonderful time of year – a time of warm sun and good mood. We want tenderness, freshness, change warm clothes into a light dress and complement the look of spring amber perfume. Spring fragrances that will unfold beautifully are very diverse. Warm and sweet, in case of cold days. Fresh when the sun is hot. Romantic, because spring is a time of love, reckless actions and walks in flowering gardens. Today it is all about perfumes with a spring mood.

Euphoria Deep, Calvin Klein

We like to start the list with one of the perfect contenders for the title of excellence. The eternal classic by Calvin Klein is feelings and emotions in their purest form. An unbridled passion for black roses and white peppers for the luxurious member of the fair sex, who attracts attention and enjoys it. Oriental Musk and patchouli complete the effect.

Ever Bloom, Shiseido

The fragrance is quiet and introverted. It does not protrude and sits close enough to the skin. It is for the master, not for others. And most importantly, its composition is reminiscent of the Far East. Lotus – the main note of Ever Bloom – is closely associated with the culture of Buddhism, one of the two main religions of this country. Musk adds purity to the aroma, and a note of hinoki adds tartness.

L’Extase, Nina Ricci

Another charming perfume by Nina Ricci will not leave anyone indifferent. Forest cedar, white rose and amber are the perfect combinations for a temperamental, but a romantic and gentle girl.

Modern Princess, Lanvin

Lanvin has dedicated the Modern Princess fragrance to an unbridled, light woman who enchants and delights. The smell resembles a floral-fruity haze, where you can feel the apple, currant, jasmine, freesia and vanilla orchid. The cocktail of purity and courage was placed in an elegant bottle in the shape of a polyhedron. It looks very tempting!

Forever and Ever, Christian Dior

Morning freshness of the spring garden. What do you imagine hearing these words? Wet, after a short night storm, earth. Drops on grass and petals. The sun is slightly burning. Clean air, infused with the scent of flowers.

Forever and Ever fragrance is in this mood. The perfume paints the image of Snow White – gentle, clean, kind.

Love Story Eau Sensuelle, Chloé

Chloé Love Story Eau Sensuelle scent sings an ode to the spring. A sun-saturated orange blossom combined with notes of vanilla and heliotrope sounds sweeter and more romantic than ever. Sandal chords add even more sensuality to the aroma. After all, true femininity is made of tenderness, beauty and passion.

Good Girl, Carolina Herrera

The sexy design of the bottle immediately sets the right mood. Good Girl fragrance is suitable for those women who are not afraid to show the world their versatility. Inside the bottle is a charming mixture of sweet almonds and coffee, seasoned with iris, jasmine, tonka beans, sandalwood and cocoa.