7 fashion tricks that will make your legs visually longer

Women dream about long, slim legs, just like supermodels have. However, even if your height is 165 cm and below, there are several effective ways that will make you visually taller.

photo credit: victoriassecret/Instagram

With the right cut, print and shade of things, your legs will seem much longer than they really are. And that’s even if you prefer the shoes on a flat sole. Take note of these 7 tricks and be ready to break men’s hearts!

  1. Choose pants with vertical stripes;
  1. Choose medium or high-waisted jeans, trousers, shorts and skirts;
  2. Do not buy clothing with a horizontal print or a large plaid;
  3. Give preference to fine-grained print clothing;
  1. Wear dresses the skirts with the length above the knee;
  2. Courageously wear monochrome outfits, for example, one-colour overalls or pantsuits;
  1. Forget about the oversize type of clothing. Choose structured clothing by size.
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