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7 skincare mistakes that cause facial rashes

All women on earth experience unpleasant acne phenomena. The causes can be completely different: stress, hormonal disruption and malfunctioning of the digestive system. However, women, who improperly care for the facial skin, worsen its condition.

In this article, we want to look at seven of the most common facial care mistakes.

Mistake #1. Frequent face washing

Modern beauty products can wash off everything, especially the protective layer of the skin. It is easy to overdo it in hygiene and, unfortunately, girls often sin with this. Washing your face twice a day – in the morning and evening – is enough.

Mistake #2. Constant use of scrubs

In no case scrub the skin if it already has rashes or wounds, as you can spread germs from the inflamed part all over the face. As a result, the acne will only increase.

Mistake #3. Hot water

Almost every girl loves to relax in the hot tub. It soothes and refreshes, but you definitely shouldn’t wash your face with hot water. The skin will react to high temperatures peculiarly. It will accelerate the production of sebum, which will lead to the appearance of new rashes.

Mistake #4. Pimple popping

The thing is that often pimples pop with not clean hands and skin. It is where the “Hello, inflammation!” situation happens. Better to leave it to a professional cosmetologist. They know how to handle rashes properly.

Mistake #5. The constant change of face care products

It often happens that women buy a skincare product and, after a couple of days, they come across an advertisement for something new. If the skin could speak, then she would object to such a decision. The thing is that skin loves stability.

Mistake #6. Neglecting moisturizer

If the skin lacks moisture, it begins to produce sebum to a greater extent. The pores become more clogged, which provokes an inflammatory process.

Mistake #7. Wipe the skin with a towel

Of course, some people wash a towel after each use (but we are not personally familiar with them). Most people put towels in the washing machine as soon as they get dirty. If you have skin rashes, it is better to put aside simple towels on which germs collect, and use disposable paper towels. The skin will be no less dry but certainly healthier.

May your skin always shine and delight you!

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