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7 trendiest colours of the 2020 year

Every season, fashion critics and designers choose trend colours. This fall, everyone interpreted beige, milk, khaki and safari in the wardrobes. But next season it is worth replenishing your clothes with brighter shades.

Burning red

photo credit: cosmo.com.ua

Red does not leave the main positions in the trend colour lists. Its various shades appear either as mono-looks or as single accents. The next season is no exception.


photo credit: cosmo.com.ua

The trend will be shoes and accessories in white.

Swamp green

photo credit: cosmo.com.ua

The shade is deep and heavy, so don’t overdo it with makeup and accessories. Try trench coats of this colour in 2020.

Barely blue

photo credit: cosmo.com.ua

Cool, but trendy colour. It will be fashionable to combine it with warm pastel shades next year.

Coral pink

photo credit: cosmo.com.ua

Dresses and jackets in the 70s style will look cool in coral.

Sea wave colour

photo credit: cosmo.com.ua

The maximum length and light silk or satin textures should be chosen in this colour.

Sunny yellow

photo credit: cosmo.com.ua

Choose wool textures or tight knitwear. Then you will have the opportunity to try this trendy colour this winter.

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