70-year-old Australian woman stopped the ageing process by refusing a single product

Recently, the network has achieved a new celebrity – 70-year-old Australian, who managed to keep an amazing shape and blooming appearance, refusing a single product. The grandmother of four grandchildren, Carolyn Hartz shocked Instagram with her photos in a bikini and mini-skirt – who will give this beauty more than 40 years?!

photo credit: news.com.au

As it turned out, Carolyn succeeded in “stopping time” when she was diagnosed with diabetes, namely 30 years ago. Then she completely refused refined sugar and was surprised to note that she not only feels great but also looks much better.

By her example, Hartz urges everyone not to despair and not to give up, but to act, proving to yourself and others, that you achieved the most incredible results. In fairness, we note that Carolyn is actively involved in sports and protects herself from stress – this, in her opinion, is the main guarantee of eternal youth.

photo credit: news.com.au
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