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A new era: a beauty product that replaced lipstick, blush and even eye shadows

Famous to all tint first appeared on the Korean beauty scene and subdued everyone with its ability to create a gradient or ombre effect.

What are the lip tints?

Tints vary not only in colour and brand but also in properties:

Classic ink tint

That-tint-with-benefit and all his siblings. In our opinion, this is the best kind of tint. It is quite liquid, gives the most lasting effect and is best suited for the effect of kissed lips. The only thing – it is not suitable for application to the cheeks and eyes, so it will not become a universal beauty product.

Jelly tint

It is the most convenient and rather strange product. Usually, it remains a thin film on the lips and does not give a good effect, but this tint can be used as a blush. Dries lips less, but not nutritious.

Lip gloss

It is usually a bright shine that leaves a slight shade on the lips. If you do not like matte lips – this is an excellent option for you. It is believed that the gloss moisturizes the lips, but this is a mistake, so no effect should be expected. Shine is also challenging to apply to other parts of the face, so this option is also not versatile.

Nourishing balm with a hue

This option is the most functional because it can be applied to lips, cheeks, and optionally even to the eyelids.

Powdery tint

Quite an exciting thing, but not everyone will like it. Such tints are suitable for use as blushes and eye shadows but are too dry for use on the lips. You can consider using dry tint in combination with lip balm.

Tattoo tint

Instagram star of the last year. Apply it on the lips, wait, remove the film. This kind of lip shadow can be achieved with any other tint. Their composition is not the best (like the smell), so we can not advise this beauty product. Moreover, it cannot be applied to the cheeks and eyes.

Oily tint

The most nutritious option is a great winter product. Can be applied to the cheeks, but not recommended on the eyes.

How to apply lip tint

Lip tints are quite versatile to use. They can be applied by various techniques and each time you get a new, unusual result: for example, a gradient, a haze or a classic dense coating. Just follow the instructions. 

Ombre or gradient

  1. Apply tint on the lip joint.
  2. Close your lips several times to distribute the colour.
  3. Use a concealer or BB cream to adjust the contour.


  1. Apply a thin layer of tint to the main lip area, avoiding the outline.
  2. Close your lips several times to get a smooth transition.

Classic application

  1. Use the smooth edge of the tint tube to map the outline of your lips.
  2. Fill your lips with shade, from the middle to the corners.

This makeup takes little time, makes your face look fresh and does not overload it. The main thing is not to overdo it with colour and, of course, to add a drop of highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes and the cupid arc (upper lip).

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