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A step-by-step guide to how to make a trendy summer manicure by yourself

Summer is the time of the sun and bright, juicy colours. Summer looks are variations with different colours and shades, colourful combinations, and games of contrasts. It is this season that women want to make manicure even more unusual and accentuate. We picked up two stylish manicure designs for you and we’ll tell you to step by step and show how to put it on the nails.

Bright flowers

To draw delicate flowers on your nails, make a hygienic manicure, buff the nails to give them roughness, apply primer and the base (dry in a UV lamp). When the base is dry, choose a nude shade (as for a french manicure), apply it on a nail and dry in a lamp. If necessary, apply the main shade twice. Then with the help of dots (or a thin brush) put five points in a circle and one in the centre with a bright colour of gel-polish so that the flower emerges. Draw 2-3 flowers. If there are plenty of flowers, use a few shades of gel-polish, most importantly, so that all the colours match each other. When all the flowers are ready, dry the drawing in the lamp, then draw a green leaf with a brush and dry it in the lamp. Draw one of a darker colour next to each leaf. It is important that both leaves go out of one centre. Then with the help of a dots and black gel-polish, put the points in each flower – it will be its core – and fix the picture in the lamp. There are too many layers on our nail, so each subsequent layer should be dried for a little longer than usual. At the end of the design, put a few white spots on the black core of the flower, dry them and cover the top, which also dry in the lamp. The top is better to choose matte, this will emphasize the beauty of the design.


This manicure is kind of created for a vacation in which, we are sure, you are already going. To make the drawing look good, try to draw a coconut with a pencil on paper. Draw an oval for this purpose, dip a bowl of coconut and crust from below. Draw the middle of the nut, which on your nail you will paint with a blue colour. After that, draw an umbrella, a straw and a flower with leaves. When you get a picture that you like, you can get to work.

After making a hygienic manicure, buff the nail to give it roughness, apply primer and when it is absorbed, apply a base and dry in the lamp. Apply a white lining on the nail, dry it in a lamp and start drawing coconut, umbrella and straw. We fix the picture in the lamp and amplify some colours (umbrella and the upper layer of coconut) to get the texture and dry it in the lamp. Then you have to tint the background, for this, we take a medium-sized brush, immerse it in the dehydrator, and then in colour. We process different pastel colours with free space on the nails and fix the result in the lamp. Cover the picture with a top without a sticky layer and dry it in a lamp for 30 seconds, after which we start to draw a frangipani flower. To do this, mix a neon-yellow gel-polish with a small amount of gel-paint to make the colour dense. With the resulting mixture, we draw a frame of a flower (similar to a sea star) and add a leaf with the help of a side gel-polish (fixing a picture in a lamp). After this, with orange gel-polish draw another star in the middle of the flower, a little fudging the corners and dry in a lamp. Then with white gel paste draw coconut pulp (on the inside edge of the nut) and a frangipani flower (apply a white gel paste onto the tip of the brush, place it in the center of the petal so that a drop drops along the outer edge of each petal and pull it into a thin line). Thus, we draw every petal. Then, with a thin brush, we draw lines of each petal and draw the veins of the leaves. We also emphasize straw, umbrella sticks, and place radial touches on the dome of umbrella and below, allocate a little bit the edge of broken coconut. Fix the result in the lamp for 10-15 seconds. Then you can decorate the design with crystals and dry them in the lamp for 30 seconds. At the end of the work, we cover the nail with a glossy top and fix it in the lamp. 

Similarly, you can decorate one more nail, paint the frangipani flowers and make a blurred background with neon gel-varnishes.

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