Age well is a new philosophy of self-love

The cult of youth is firmly entrenched in our society. Most of the women have already tried beauty injections and have a variety of professional cosmetics at home. Compared to our mothers and especially grandmothers, we look much younger at the same age.

How youth idea was created

At the beginning of 2000, the world was very young. Old age did not come gradually but collapsed when crossing the border in 40 years. Noone talked about women over 40, didn’t dedicate poems to them, didn’t make movies about them.

To keep the freshness as long as possible, women have requested cosmetologists. And the most far-sighted found plastic surgeons.

Today, when self-awareness and self-love are in fashion, the fashion and beauty industry has begun to pay attention to women 40+. The attractiveness of this age is determined by temperament, energy, optimism, curiosity, intelligence, character, charisma. Such women have met at all times, but now, it seems, their time is seriously coming. The main task is to maintain a bright head and good health. And they prefer to grow old with dignity, remaining well-groomed. It is with a focus on such women that the philosophy of age well was invented.

The main difference between age well and anti-age

The anti-age is the idea of combating any signs of age-related changes. Nowadays, the perfect woman looks forever young as if she were 25 years old. Anti-ageing cosmetics are focused on smoothing (and better preventing) wrinkles, smoothing skin tone, tightening the oval face.

The age well philosophy is not focused on winning over the natural processes of ageing and the youth race. It is about how people change over the years, and the main efforts are aimed at maintaining the health and ability of the skin to retain moisture, regulate temperature. Healthy skin looks fresh and beautiful even when wrinkles appear or turgor changes. Age well products often contain peptides similar to natural skin signalling molecules, prebiotics and probiotics that support the health and diversity of the skin microbiome.

In general, the age well philosophy is much more focused on women’s mental health. It does not provide the refusal of self-care and a passive life position. On the contrary, the gym, healthy eating, and quality cosmetics are a must-have for a modern woman after 30 years. The result is the pleasure of contemplating reflection in the mirror and self-confidence.

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