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Another crazy beauty trend. Instagram’s lipstick-shaped nails

Sharp nails were replaced by a new fashion in manicure – lipstick-shaped nails.

Lipstick nails with various prints, patterns or with a monophonic coating conquer beauty fans from around the world who post on Instagram their variations on the theme of fashionable manicure.

According to nail experts, lipstick-shaped nails, despite their unusual appearance, will suit any style and will become a spectacular and original complement to the look.

The first nail artist to set the trend was the famous Korean manicurist Park Eunkyung, working under the Unistella brand. The idea to create an unusual form of nails came up with her while working on a beauty shoot for YSL:

“I was working on a shot for YSL sunglasses advertising and I was captivated by the shape of the cat-eye. I thought, why not rethink it regarding nail design. But as a result, the shape reminded me more of lipstick,”- she says.

Unistella also added that, despite the sharp nail, which, as it seemed to her, would bring discomfort, this shape of the nails was absolutely comfortable in real life.

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