Anti-aging facial massage

There is no woman who will be completely satisfied with her appearance. Each of us will find in ourselves at least a small flaw, and most often on the face. Vascular mesh, wrinkles, skin laxity, bags under the eyes, enlarged pores – these are just a small part of an endless list of claims to yourself. How to refresh your appearance without surgery and even beauty injections? Read about it in our new material.

Facial rejuvenation with massage usage

Apparatus or manual massage is an effective, and most importantly, safe method of restoring skin elasticity, accessible to every woman. The anti-aging effect is achieved due to several factors.

1. Strengthening blood circulation. Due to this, metabolic processes are accelerated and complexion improves.

2. Skin cleansing. The upper, cornified skin layer is removed, the epidermis is renewed and toxins are removed.

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3. Increased elasticity. The effect is achieved due to the peculiar training of the facial muscles and the maintenance of skin tone through the reduction of glycogen and the elimination of carbon dioxide.

4. Skin care. The massage is performed using special lotions and creams. Due to the improved circulation during the massage, the nutrients contained in them are absorbed faster.

Types of facial massage

Impact techniques are different. The main ones are:

1. Lymphatic drainage. Classic massage, which is applied not only on the face but also on the body. Due to the acceleration of lymphatic drainage from the dermis, toxins are removed and the swelling is eliminated. It is performed along the massage lines (from the center to the periphery of the face), first with light movements with a gradual increase in the intensity of exposure.

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2. Sculptural. Helps to restore facial contour, guttering due to muscle atony. In the course of the massage, all the muscles and skin layers are worked out, due to which the second chin is reduced, and the oval of the face becomes more distinct. The technique of execution is similar to lymphatic drainage with tingling and stroking elements at the end.

3. Asahi. Japanese technique, simple to use, but very effective. It is performed in the direction of the lymph nodes (from the periphery to the centre). The skin should be easy massaged.

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