Baby hair: a chic trend of 2021

There is no longer a need to hide thin hairs near the forehead and temples. This infantile detail is at the peak of popularity today. Do not hide it in the new season, but, on the contrary, emphasize. More on the baby hair trend read in the article.

Styling history

Fashionistas of the 20s started their morning not with a cup of coffee, but with naughty hair on their forehead. For many, it was even a daily ritual. It looked great in tandem with Hollywood curls styling, which was so popular at the time. 

How to style baby-hair

Method №1. There are special styling products that resemble mascara. With a silicone brush-applicator, it is easy to layout mini-curls on the forehead with a graceful wave in the style of Rihanna. Allow yourself a shine bright like a diamond by choosing a styling product with dazzling shimmer.

Method №2. Take a toothbrush, preferably with thin and tightly filled bristles, apply styling foam or hairspray. Comb the baby-hair with a brush, and then lay out the desired pattern on the forehead.

Star adherents of baby hair

Rita Ora

The celebrity often experiments with her hair, and the baby hair trend has not passed her by. You can see the styling in the way of the loose ‘70s with a three-dimensional pile and a barely noticeable baby hair. And a more extravagant version with a low tail and large stylized waves that frame the face. 

Jennifer Lopez

The mark of 51 is not an obstacle for extremely youthful looks, for which we applaud Jay Lo. Two symmetrical high buns plus downy hair falling on the forehead – the idea for a trendy hairstyle is ready.


Rihanna is a real fan of baby hairstyling. She adds this detail to almost every hairstyle and once again confirms the title of a trendsetter.

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