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Base + trends = perfect capsule wardrobe

10 basic clothing and 10 trending items together give a full capsule wardrobe where all things are perfectly combined. 20 things = 100500 outfits.


This is what facilitates the pains of choosing outfits in the morning. All things are perfectly combined and, of course, can be modified (cut, suitable for your type of figure and colour).

  1. A black, free-cut dress (such that it would suit both the beach and the event);
  2. Black leather jacket (you can choose something more authentic for capsule wardrobe);
  3. Classic black shoes;
  4. Black turtleneck;
  5. White shirt (loose);
  6. Light trousers (you can also dark ones, of course);
  7. White sneakers (if it is pure white, you can simply wear with anything);
  8. A black jacket (now replacing men’s jackets are slowly coming up with feminine models with a marked waist);
  9. Beige perfect shirt;
  10. Jeans (in this case, mom’s fit).


Clothes that will make your outfits relevant. A great option to include one trendy item in the look, which consists of basic things. All trends at once – for the bold.

  1. A voluminous beige shirt with details in the form of wings;
  2. Coarse-knit vest (with wide shoulders, knitted or costume will be trendy);
  3. Bermuda shorts;
  4. Square toe ankle boots with lace-up;
  5. Tweed fitted platted jacket;
  6. A mini-skirt made of eco-leather (a mini this spring will be very popular);
  7. Rough boots without laces (in the style of Prada, Bottega);
  8. A black sweatshirt with textured shoulders decorated with a necklace of stones (jewellery of this kind is now worn not only with evening dresses);
  9. Platted coat shirt (lavender colour this spring is one of the tops);
  10. Dark grey banana jeans.

Kate Belenkova
Instagram @belenkovakate

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