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Basic wardrobe. 5 necessary things during the spring 2019 season

The basic wardrobe is the minimum of things that is enough for one season. Things are easy to combine with others thanks to neutral colours and versatile shapes. But despite its versatility, most of them still have to be according to the latest trends.

Of course, basic things can be more than 5 and they all have to be selected by some fundamental rules.

The basic wardrobe must fit your lifestyle. The dress code at your work requires a strict business outfit? There should be more such things in your closet. And if you are not curtailed by any rules, the basic wardrobe can be more practical. For example, jeans, long-sleeve and sweatshirt. The business outfit still needs to be, but one is enough.

The very name “basic wardrobe” suggests that the colours should be neutral. It is best to choose classic and modest colours. But you should not stop on white, black and beige. For example, many light colours can be attributed to basic, light-grey and almost all pastel shades of colours. From dark, you can choose khaki, dark blue ar marsala. But it is very important that the colours are combined with each other.

An important criterion is the quality of materials. The things of the basic wardrobe are used more often than others. So low-quality clothes quickly lose their attractive appearance.

Let’s turn to particular examples.


Nude high heels
Now the actual height of heels is medium that allows you to choose comfortable shoes. In them, you will feel confident and attractive. It is important to pick the right colour so that the shoes look harmoniously with the colour of your skin. Also, for your comfort, you need to pick up a convenient shoe last. At times, this is not easy and you have to spend a lot of time and visit not a single store, but then you will be grateful to yourself. After all, you can walk in them all day and not feel tired.

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Beige trench coat
The beige trench coat is the thing that has returned to us from the past and has become incredibly modern. Many girls dream of classic Burberry or Max Mara trench coat. But there are alternatives to more budget brands like Mango or ZARA. The trench coat is great for replacing the jacket or coat.

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Basic T-shirt
The best solution will be to use a T-shirt of classic cut and natural materials. The need for a basic t-shirt in the wardrobe can be described for a long time, it can be used in any look. As with a classic suit and high heels, and with sports or casual style.

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Jeans is a universal thing in many situations. One pair of jeans can come up to completely different outfits. The main thing is to choose the right style. Jeans should sit perfectly and emphasize all your attractions.

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Little black dress
The classics, which history begins in 1920. Well-known Coco Chanel presented a small black dress that won the hearts of many fashionistas. And now it is an integral part of the wardrobe of most women.

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