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Beach anti-trends of 2019

The beach season is in full swing. Whether you are going abroad for a vacation or relaxing on the beaches of your city, you are surely trying to choose the most up-to-date look. We made a small list of things with which you can safely say goodbye. If these clothing are still in your wardrobe and you plan to wear them in the near future, we encourage you to review your views. 

Many girls dream about beautiful tan and try to reduce the number of light parts on the body. But because of this, they prefer a micro bikini whose goal is less fabric and as much as possible tan. Perhaps it was once an actual look for the beach, but now all the trends are screaming about restraint and classics. Maximum open body – does not mean sexuality and even vice versa. Vulgarity is the largest anti-trend. But we do not mean to choose a swimsuit with long sleeves and shorts. Choose a classic swimsuit that will maximally highlight all your charms, but at the same time leave the riddle.

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It’s been a long time since thong panties were fashionable, and they can also be categorized as micro swimsuits. They were popular at about the same time as jeans with a low waist and lingerie that looked from below them. But with them, they went out of fashion. We think this is the best. This type of swimsuits, as well as micro swimsuits, will not make you more sexy or attractive. And it does not matter whether it’s about a solid swimsuit or a separate one. On the podium designers present to us only the classic models of bikini, and therefore on the beach, you will look the best to choose a classic swimsuit.

Opposite to micro swimsuits and thong panties – bikini with skirts. Previously, stylists could recommend them as a way to hide excess weight or unwanted volumes. But now, modern stylists insist in this case to prefer shorts. The choice is now very big, both sporty and more feminine. 

Knitted swimsuits have long been at the peak of popularity. Solid and separate, in any variation. A combination of classic swimsuit and knitted fabric, or completely knitted. But now they are not at all relevant and even old-fashioned. If you want to choose a more feminine swimsuit, pay attention to swimsuits with lace inserts. Such swimsuits will become even more convenient for you because knitted swimsuits dry out for a long time and often lose their original, attractive appearance.

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In addition to the swimwear, Pareo accessory confidently passed to beach anti-trend group. Do you remember it? A rectangular, semi-transparent piece of fabric with different drawings and prints. There were many ways to use it. As a skirt, a dress, a cape on the shoulder, it’s actually a multi functional thing. But it is not at all appropriate.

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Choose an oversize shirt-dress from natural fabrics. This will be the best option for the beach. Add it with a straw hat and a bag, then you will have a stylish and fitting look for the beach.

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