Beauty-twins: Is it worth overpaying, if there is no difference?

Modern market of cosmetics is daily updated, replenished with new, improved products. Fashion trends exist not only in clothes but also in cosmetics: decorative and outgoing. In obedience to fashion trends, manufacturers of luxury products and mass market segment often make similar products that are often not inferior to each other in quality, but at cost may differ at times. In this article, we will talk about such cosmetics twins.

You can find analogues not only of tonal basis, blush or lipstick, but also nail polish, and even fragrances. Some manufacturers do not make them specifically. Having just a few rulers, they offer a virtually identical product, in different series, differing in price because of the cost of packaging. Others deliberately manufacture clones to promote their products. In this case, the quality of cosmetics often suffers, but the packaging has practically no difference. Therefore, such cosmetics twins are not worth attention. Knowledge of representatives of the first group of similarities will save and not overpay for a fashion brand.

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How to find a clone

1. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric tonal base and Max Factor Color Adapt differ in cost at three times, while both are perfectly adjusted to the tone of facial skin. The more affordable double from Max Factor due to the presence of the same retro-reflective pigments better masks wrinkles and other defects.

2. Chanel Joues Contraste No. 72 blush is twice as expensive as the Bourjois Pastel Joues blush No. 54, but they are identical in texture and shade. Their difference – less known brand, inexpensive packaging and lack of brush in blush from Bourjois.

3. MAC lipstick in Angel shade differs from E.L.F. Essential Lipstick in the tone of Classy seven times. Lovers of delicate pink shades will not find differences between these two products. Cheap analogue has a slightly greasy texture and different flavour. These differences, as well as price, can be an advantage for many consumers.

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4. Make eyes more expressive due to the twisted and long eyelashes help Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara and of course almost at twice expensive Diorshow Iconic Mascara from Dior.

5. Floral fragrance Cheap and Chic Moschino in the heart can clearly hear notes of rose, peony and violet is half the price of its more expensive analogue Light Blue from D & G.

This is not a complete list of products-twins. Decide what to choose: prestige or saving is only up to you.

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