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Behind the scenes: how celebrities prepare for the Red Carpet

Vanity fair, the battle of designers, talent contest – as soon as not called the most important event in the cinema world. The preparation starts at least three months before X date, and a whole staff of specialists takes part in it. The appearance of the star will be discussed for several months. And if you’re lucky, the controversy over the outfit of the celebrity will not stop in years to come. We reveal the main secrets: how celebrities tidy up the figure, the skin of the face, where the clothes are taken and who pays for it.


Three to four months before the event, celebrities combine training with fat-burning procedures. For example, CoolSculpting – cryolipolysis of problem areas of the body, cavitation and others. Active training begins 6-12 weeks before the ceremony. During this period, they train 5-6 days a week, for an hour a day.

There is a practical explanation for the celebrities’ desire to lose weight: most of them rent outfits, and designer dresses are available in sizes S and less. 

Facial skin

Even if the figure of the star is close to perfection, in a couple of weeks, everyone, in any case, go on a strict diet. Besides, diuretics are taken to remove as much water as possible from the body. After a three-day course, the oval face and body silhouette will look taut and the skin will be smooth.

In general, facial skincare begins long before the ceremony and one procedure with a wow-effect will not be enough. Three months before X day, the celebrities have laser polishing (with weekly rehabilitation). The skin will gradually recover, the result will slowly improve and by the end, the condition of the epidermis will approach the ideal: the pores will narrow, small wrinkles will disappear, the skin colour will be evened out. 

Hairstyle and makeup

Makeup and hairstyle are thought out no less carefully than dresses and jewellery. On the eve of the event, the whole team – hairdresser, makeup artist and stylist – take a test. The task of the makeup artist is to correctly place accents on the face so that they are combined with the dress and at the same time decorate the star, emphasizing all the charms of the face. This process is controlled by a stylist, who previews all the previous appearances of the celebrity and analyzes them to avoid past mistakes. Also, the makeup for the ceremony (even if it looks very natural) can not be called light, much less comfortable. For the red carpet, makeup artists use durable products that will last up to 8 hours. Such makeup gives the impression of a mask – unfortunately, such an effect is inevitable. But the audience will never guess. 


Modern pop culture is designed so that the actress may not have new good roles, but she can not come to the “Oscar” in a bad dress. 

If the actress has a contract with a brand, she usually wears a dress of this brand (so, for example, Jennifer Lawrence for the last three “Oscar” ceremonies came wearing Dior). And if a star violates the agreement, a scandal ensues.

So, in 2013, Anne Hathaway suddenly decided to change her dress the night before the ceremony. She had to wear Valentino (and the brand announced it) but chose Prada. As a result, Anne had to apologize to both the Italian fashion house and the American audience, who rejected the transparent dress.

What is all this for?

First of all, to leave its mark in the history of cinema. But this is not the only reason for all the efforts of the stars. The one that turns out to be the “cutest” has every chance to sign high-budget advertising contracts. No wonder jewellery, car, cosmetics and fashion brands call the “Oscar” the largest VIP casting of all the times.

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