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Burgundy manicure – new spring trend

In the cold season, manicure trends prefer deep, rich colours. Even the classic red changes its tone. Saturated and deep crimson shades make burgundy manicure unsurpassed and desirable. This spring, you are sure to pick up the burgundy shade and nail design that suits you.

Burgundy matte manicure

The matte texture on a burgundy background looks excellent! Especially in the cold season, when you want warmth and soft cosy textures. Also, a matte “top” is always indispensable if you want to emphasize every element of the manicure. The matte finish for a minimalist and laconic manicure with up to 3-4 additional elements.

Negative space

In modern nail design, “negative space” is possible in almost any version of the manicure, regardless of the shade and technique. With a burgundy manicure, not covered areas of the nail plate remain quite expressive. So in such a design, it is better to combine several types of fashionable pattern. The most popular version of negative space is lunar nails.

Watercolour technique

In the latest fashion nail trends, special attention has been paid to original and unique patterns or textures like stone, smoke, waves, etc. They resemble delicate watercolour strokes left by the artist. Such blurred patterns look very interesting with burgundy nails.

Burgundy French nail design

If the usual white French manicure is an understandable classic, then the burgundy one is not universal. However, if you are not ready to cover your nails with a completely bold shade, a French manicure will be your saviour. The burgundy French manicure looks rich and refined.

Design with foil

Not a standard and exciting option for the design of burgundy manicure was a fashionable foil. Harmoniously and stylishly foil on burgundy nails will look in any way of filing. Interestingly, both gold and silver foil harmonize with the burgundy colour.

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