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Choosing a fashionable dress for the spring season

There are no lots of dresses! This season, designers offer to upgrade the look, to experiment and choose a dress for any occasion. It can be casual, elegant or versatile. The main thing – it must emphasise your beauty. We have prepared 5 types of fashionable dresses for you, get inspired and choose yours.


They became popular again recently, and firmly entered the designer’s collection. And all because they help to make your style more original and at the same time not frustrating. Being accentuated, it does not require jewellery and can be the basis of the outfit. An asymmetrical dress will refresh and diversify your wardrobe.

Dresses with flower prints

This gentle, feminine and airy dress has become the must-have-to-wear of the last seasons. It is fascinating at first sight and is suitable for women of all ages. Such dress emphasises the romance and elegance of its owner. The most commonly used print is the “Millefleur” – a pattern invented in the 15th century. Thousands of small flowers spread over the fabric, creating a delicate design. However, prints with large flowers are equally favourite.


This model has not lost its popularity for several seasons. Its main advantage is variability. That means it can create many different looks with the same dress:

relaxed (a combination of a shirtdress, sandals or sneakers and rolled up sleeves);

romantic (short-sleeved shirtdress, waist belt, feminine shoes and straw hat);

beach (shirtdress made of light and comfortable fabric, a hat and flip flops);

classic (white shirtdress with collar and pockets, jacket or blazer and high heeled boots).

Dress without sleeves

Another spring wardrobe must-have thing, which does not lose its popularity for several seasons. The main rule of such clothing is the closed breast and back. Dress without sleeves can be of different lengths: from ultra mini ort to maxi. It perfectly combines with jackets, sleeveless shirts, boat shoes and bright accessories.

Ethno-style dress

In recent years, these models are rapidly gaining in popularity. The girl in such an outfit does not only show respect for her culture but also emphasises individuality. Ethno-style dresses are often sewn from natural fabrics. They can be long or short, have a decorative collar or lace trim.

Are you still reading this article? Go and buy a new dress!

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