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Colored eyelashes beauty trend 2018

Color every day with bright colors and create your own unique look will help original beauty trend of recent seasons – colored eyelashes. To make the look juicier you can use augmented or false eyelashes or by painting in colors of the rainbow with your own. In this article, we describe all possible methods and techniques for creating high-quality bright makeup. If you liked the idea of multi-colored eyelashes, and you are ready to experiment, just select the most interesting version of the makeup from the following.

Color Blocking

This makeup technique for eyelashes is quite complicated and implies the combination of several bright and contrasting colors. You can pre-color the professional individual eyelashes with special paint or by increasing them to achieve the desired effect for a long time. With the help of color carcass, it is possible to create an original evening makeup. This method requires a certain skill and time to implement the idea, but it allows you to get rid of bright makeup at any time.

Colored eyelashes

If color blocking seems very extravagant, but you want to add bright colors to your look, you can dye all eyelashes immediately into a blue, green, yellow or purple color. For this purpose, multi-colored mascara and special colors for eyelashes are ideal. The last one can be bought and used by yourself or can be dyed in the salon. Professional will help you choose the most suitable composition and color. If the look with colored eyelashes has pleased for a longer result, you can build up colored eyelashes.


Eyelashes with bright ombre effect are the original trend of last seasons. This makeup technique involves usage of eyelash extensions that are not completely stained, but only at the ends. In this case, the brighter the color of tips, the better. Brightly blue, pink, orange, green and burgundy colors allow brave women to make their everyday makeup unusually bright, expressive and attractive. This spectacular makeup technique is ideal for creating a stylized look for a themed party or a photo shoot.

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