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Contraceptive in the form of jewellery was invented

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed jewellery that not only shines but also has a contraceptive property.

The bottom line is that a patch is attached to the part of the earrings that are in contact with the body. Through it, levonorgestrel, a synthetic analogue of a progestogen, enters the body. It does not give the fertilized egg the opportunity to gain a foothold in the uterus. And changes the structure of the endometrium.

The minimum patch area is 0.7 square centimetres, that is, it can fit on the back of the earring, adjacent to the ear.

Scientists say that if you wear the patch for 16 hours, then its effect persists for another 8 hours. This means that the jewellery can be safely taken off for the night.

Human studies have not yet been conducted, but the developers are confident in the prospect of their invention.

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