Dove's new project shows women and non-binary individuals breaking simple beauty standards

Dove’s new campaign #ShowUs in collaboration with Getty Images and GirlGaze (an organisation that seeks to promote Gen Z photographers and directors) is essential and relevant nowadays.

The campaign features a collection of over 5,000 stock photos, shot by female and non-binary photographers in over 39 countries. The images capture shots of real women from different parts of life—what accurate representation and inclusivity look like.

Dove knew this needed to be done after seeing the results of its research, which proved that 70 per cent of women still doesn’t feel represented by everyday images in the media, and 90 per cent of stock photography is shot by male photographers.

The importance of diverse imagery in the media is vast.

“Suddenly you wake up and realize you are the person that has the power to make the change,” Dr Rebecca Swift, senior director of Creative Insights at Getty Images, said. “There are no other stock agencies that have a female as a senior creative. You can use your power to maintain the status quo or you can use it to change the status quo.”

Jabulile Nadia Newman/Getty Images
Yagazie Emezi/Getty Images
Nolwen CifuentesGetty Images
Guendalina Fiore/Getty Images
Stephanie Foden/Getty Images
Masego Morulane/Getty Images
Angela Ponce/Getty Images
Olivia Mortimer/Getty Images
Isabella Dias/Getty Images
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