Easy hairstyles for long hair

Romantic locks, small curls, high and outstanding hairstyles – there are so many styling options for long hair! By the way, it is not necessary to do it in salons. It is possible to make it at home. You will make a lush hairstyle only spending 10 minutes. The main thing is to get advised and follow our tips. GoBeauty Blog has gathered the best ideas so that you can easily choose the perfect styling for your long hair.

Hollywood curls

It is always appropriate to add a little Hollywood shine to the look, especially in the spring. And it is not necessary to style large curls all over the head. You can add just a few locks near the face. It will instantly refresh the whole look and help “tame” even the naughtiest hair. The secret of the hairstyle is too simple – take a round brush or curler of maximum diameter. Also, do not forget about smoothing products that will give your hair extra shine.

Accent braids

If French braids seem too complicated for you, try this option.

Separate two curls of medium thickness from the sides of the head and style two braids. Secure with elastic hand bands. Then, collect and secure them on the back of the head with another rubber band. Add volume and carelessness to braids, carefully releasing a few locks. Apply a texturing spray on the remaining loose hair.

Hairstyle with flowers

When not in the summer, it is appropriate to decorate your hair with a flower. In addition to the fact that the buds look charming, they can perform a practical function. You can hide invisible hairpins under it.

Smooth low hair bun

The hairstyle is easy to do, and each girl can perform it.

Make a regular ponytail, secure it with an elastic band and divide the hair into two parts just above it. Then, twist the tail through the resulting loop. Repeat the manipulation several times. Fix the bun with pins.

Straight hair

When you do not have time to style your curls, a hair straightener will be enough. You can create a glamorous, feminine and smooth hairstyle in just a few minutes.

To enhance the effect of ultra-smooth hair, make a parting in the centre on clean wet hair. When styling is complete, be sure to apply a gloss spray.

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