Elegant festive hairstyle: easy video tutorial

New Year is a holiday that we all look forward to and prepare for it. You need to choose an outfit, makeup, manicure, and, of course, choose the best festive hairstyle for a New Year’s party. We have prepared a classic hair bun tutorial. You can do it by yourself or involve mother, sister or friend. The hairstyle is suitable for medium length hair or long locks. See the step-by-step guide on how to do it below.

  1. First, select the area – make a horizontal parting on the top and separate the front and occipital curls
  2. Collect the occipital part of the hair in a ponytail and begin to pull locks from the tail. Fix with hairspray.
  3. Select the hair on the top in the shape of a triangle and fix it with hairpins that it does not interfere temporarily.
  4. Now begin to work with the temporal area. Take the first lock and make a volume, departing from the roots of about 2 cm. The next curl is pulled up to the previously combed, fix with hairspray and hairpin. If desired, you can leave thin locks near the face free.
  5. Next work on the texture, it makes the hairstyle more festive. 
  6. Then put an elastic band on the tail and fix it.
  7. Comb the frontal-parietal area, fix the volume and start to form the texture on the same principle as on the sides.
  8. Start working with the tail – we will make a low hair bun. Take the first lock, twist it into a light plait and fix it in the base of the roller invisibly (immediately fix the curl with hairspray). Twist the curl on the other side in the same way and fix it. There is no specific plan of styling braids, it depends on your imagination. Style all hair locks on this principle, forming a bun.
  9. When all the curls are done, you need to give the hair a little volume. To do this, stretch the free ends a little, apply hairspray and fix with hairpins. 
  10. You can curl the hair locks at the face.
  11. Remove all pins that have fixed the volume of the hair.

Festive hairstyle is ready. You can watch the video instruction on its implementation below

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