Face cleansing: do it by yourself or make an appointment with cosmetologist?

A beautiful and clean face is a woman’s business card. The effect of smooth skin can be achieved in different ways, but the facial cleansing remains the most effective. In our new article, we will tell about the most effective ways of procedure conduction. Also, we will reveal what can be done at home by yourself, and what has to be done by professionals in a beauty salon.

Mechanical cleansing

This method is also called hand-made, as the cosmetologist squeezes pimples with his own hands. Mechanical cleansing is considered the most effective in the fight against skin problems. The primary purpose of this procedure is to remove excess sebum and old layer of cells that provoke acne and comedones appearance. Mechanical facial cleansing is a must-do for women that have oily skin. The procedure can be carried out independently at home (adhering to the aseptic rules!). However, the effect of self-cleaning is not as pronounced as the work of a professional. The reason is simple – mechanical cleansing is a rather painful procedure and making it by ourselves we do not make the necessary efforts.

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Chemical face cleansing

This method involves peels usage, and there are three types of it: superficial, middle and deep. Particular substances that affect the various layers of the skin and stimulating its renewal are applied. The method is shown to women with scars and other skin irregularities. The procedure shouldn’t be carried out by yourself since the use of chemical compounds should be mixed in clearly maintained proportions. Otherwise, there is a risk of burns.


This is a kind of skin cleansing with the help of a mechanical brush with a rotating head. Before the procedure, the skin should be steamed for 5-10 minutes. Then,  cosmetologist uses a scrub with microparticles of fruit acids or coffee and treats the skin with a brush. After the procedure the surface becomes flat, black spots and even shallow scars disappearing. You can hold brossage by yourself at home, you only need to buy all the necessary accessories.

Vacuum cleansing

Another popular method of struggle for the beauty of the face that suits oily skin owners. Vacuum cleaning effectively removes black spots, acne, narrows expanded pores and removes the excess gloss. The procedure is carried out by a special apparatus, creating a vacuum that removes contamination. You will immediately notice the result – the skin becomes soft and elastic with a natural colour. You can carry vacuum cleansing out at home.

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Ultrasound cleansing

It is a non-traumatic procedure. Ultrasound delicately cleanses the face from contamination and is suitable for women with sensitive skin. There is also a pleasant bonus – the speed of the process: the cosmetologist works with a manipulator, which gives impulses for only 10 minutes. After that, a gel mask is applied to the face. Conducting the ultrasound cleansing at home with special mini-device is possible.

When planning a face cleansing, remember that the skin will redden the next day after the procedure. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry it out on the eve of important events or meetings.

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