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Fashion channels. Television and not only

What do you think of first when you hear the word channel? Television? YouTube channel? Or maybe a Telegram channel? Let’s talk about all of them. We made a selection of the most popular fashion channels.

Let’s start with the usual television. The most popular and popular Fashion TV channel – is the Fashion TV. It was founded in France in 1997. This TV channel is currently broadcast in more than 20 countries of the world. Fashion TV ethers can be viewed online in any country in the world. This TV channel also has its own YouTube channel, which has gathered a lot of subscribers – more than 600 thousand. They produce short videos of fashion shows, photo sessions and fashionable parties.

Fashion TV


World Fashion TV channel was founded in Russia in 2005. It has two versions: Russian and international. Russian is broadcasted directly across Russia and the Middle East, and international in the countries of the former CIS, Europe and America. Today, a channel has more than 55 million viewers from all over the world. World Fashion Channel also has its YouTube channel, but less popular – just over 50,000 subscribers. On the channel, you can find short overviews of fashion weeks from around the world and a selection of fashion trends.

YouTube: World Fashion Channel


Next, let’s turn to YouTube Channels. Recently, one of the most popular YouTube channels in Ukraine was the channel led by Margarita Muradova. Margarita is a popular fashion blogger in Ukraine and Russia. The blogger talks about modern trends and, no less important, anti-trends. It is the video about anti-trends that collects the largest number of views, some of which was viewed by over 700,000 viewers.

YouTube: Margarita Muradova


Jenn Im is an American but has Korean roots. Her YouTube blog has already captured more than two million followers. On her channel are not only fashion videos, sometimes girl makes releases about her life, however, but they are also no less interesting and popular than the fashion videos. Jenn also takes videos about makeup and hairstyles. So, on her channel, you can find a lot of useful things. Not for nothing, so many viewers have been signed on.

YouTube: Jenn Im


Samantha Maria is British and has more than one million followers on her YouTube channel. She is a fashion and makeup blogger, that has started to conduct her video blog in the distant 2009 year. Her unobtrusive and light videos attract a lot of people, after watching a few videos, it might seem that Samantha is your best friend.

YouTube: Samantha Maria


Telegram channels are also popular in the world. There are two popular telegram channels, one doing reviews of female looks, and on the second you can find male style. It is very convenient for those who are interested in looks only for women or men.

The female channel is called Women’s look. It has about 30 thousand viewers. The vast majority of publications are photos of stylish outfits and interesting details from the fashion shows. The male channel is called Men’s look. About 30 thousand people are also signed on.

Telegram: Women`s look

Telegram: Men`s look

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