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Fashionable hairstyles in 2019

Among the current haircuts and hairstyles of the new 2019 year, women will find long-familiar models, but there are also absolute novelties. How to cut your hair in the new season to look fashionable? Read about it in our new article

1. Bob haircut

This is not the first season in a row this haircut heads the TOP of the most fashionable hairstyles. It combines creativity and classic, it is suitable for different lengths, for hard and thin hair. Its only drawback is the need to style your hair every day. However, if your hair grows fat fast and washing your head has become a habit for a long time, you probably won’t notice this inconvenience.
Depending on the shape of the face, you can make three kinds of bob haircut:
-with a bang.

2. Asymmetrical haircuts for short hair

Not every woman can afford this type of hairstyle, due to the great creativity. But if your work dress code allows a little liberty, it is worth experimenting with a hairstyle.
An asymmetrical haircut can be a smooth transition or with a ragged effect. In these variations you can do:

These fashionable haircuts of 2019 suggest short hair length and are especially suitable for girls who have thin hair that falls out. Stylists advise only to abandon shaven temples and neck – these extravagant trends are already losing ground.

3. Cascading haircuts for long hair

For women, whom nature has presented with luxurious long hair, hairdressers advise making a cascade in the new season. This 2019 fashionable haircut is suitable for both young girls and women of mature age. It is better to make a parting in the center for the owners of a wide face, and of a thin one at the side. Easy tip wrap will make the hair look alive and easier to style.

Technique “Foxtail” looks best on wavy hair. The essence of haircut is in a wedge-shaped of strands. For thin hair, it is better to make the “Rhapsody” option. It involves clipping the “cap”, which visually adds volume to the hair.

Regardless of the length of hair in 2019 bangs are stylish again. However, before doing it, consider the shape of the face: it suits girls with narrow cheekbones and is contraindicated for owners of round face shape.

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