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Fashionable prints for the winter of 2020-2021

In the coming season, world designers continue to explore prints, including feminine floral patterns, polka dot, fashionable geometry, as well as abstract drawings and ornaments inspired by tapestries of the past. GoBeauty has collected the most relevant prints in the winter collection 2020-2021.


Opens our selection of a pattern that can be called a print, but it is better to be embroidered by hand on a jacket or sweater, as on the jackets of Spanish toreros. Pair this with pants or jeans and cowboy boots. Or it can be an independent element of a wardrobe, for example, a dress. The print is self-sufficient and requires a minimum of jewellery and accessories.

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Most girls do not wear leopard print clothes because of the fear of looking ridiculous or vulgar. Now, this print is getting a new shade. Designers have also created many models with invisible inserts. It looks no less advantageous and at the same time will make you feel comfortable. 

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Floral print

For those girls who can not cope with winter depression, there are excellent remedies – dresses with floral prints. This delicate pattern has not gone out of fashion for the last two seasons and continues to delight with its freshness. It is better to prefer light, airy dresses.

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Checkered clothing

Do not doubt that the checkered print is a permanent for at least the next few seasons. 

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This trend manifested itself in the fall of 2020. The designers decided to consider it in terms of two different “companies”. If Donatella Versace bypassed the rules and created a story about the “friendship” of sports and naivety, the Oscar de la Renta decided to decorate the classic ornament with trendy chains. 

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Big and small polka dot

Leading designers have fallen in love again with the once-popular pattern. Winter 2020-2021 will be decorated with polka dots of different sizes. 

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This winter, designers will use the imitation of “patchwork” techniques, volume and texture effect. Intricate retro prints have created a separate branch in fashion for geometric patterns. But do not forget that pattern looks stylish in the form of minimalism.

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