Features of summer skin and hair care

Summer is a great time for rest and new experiences. However, at this time of the year, special attention should be paid to the condition of skin and hair. Skin and hair usually suffer from excess ultraviolet, dry air from air conditioners, elevated temperatures, sea and chlorinated water in summer. In this article, we have collected basic rules of skin and hair care that will help to maintain the healthy shine of curls and skin velvety.

Summer hair care

Under summer burning sun and drying wind influence, there are problems with hair such as dandruff, fragility, and loss, increased sweating, and rapid root salting split ends. Some of these problems can be avoided if wear a hat from morning to night, use care products with ultraviolet protection according to the type of hair, apply heat-protective styling. It is important to minimize the use of hair dryer and curling iron. Experts recommend, if possible, to postpone hair coloring till fall, especially if you plan to clarify radically.

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Special shampoos that regulate secretion of sebum will help to achieve the effect of “clean head” for a long time in summer. Such type of shampoos usually includes extracts of nettle, sage, calendula, etc. Moisturize, prevent the formation of dandruff and maintain the healthy shine of curls will help regular use of moisturizing conditioners and masks, as well as lotions, sprays, and emulsions with a protective factor of not lower than SPF 10-15. To restore the structure of hair, to give it softness and natural shine will help hair care products, which include protein and ceramides, as well as vitamins PP, B6 and E.

Skincare in summer

Aggressive exposure of dry wind and scorching summer sun in the first place takes over facial skin. Cosmetologists recommend during summer period to moisturize skin from the inside, drinking a day to 2 liters of water, as well as regularly clean and moisturize it from the outside. For this purpose, well-suited products that contain hyaluronic acid. According to experts, make-up should have a minimum of layers and day cream – a light texture. Preference should be given to the cream that is a type of skin protection against ultraviolet rays, paying attention to the figure of SPF. In addition, useful will be creams enriched with vitamin C and E, which protect skin from free radicals.

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Without restrictions to maintain healthy skin in a summer season, mesotherapy, myostimulation, thermage, biorevitalization, etc. are shown. It is not recommended to carry out chemical peeling during this period of time. For deeper cleaning of the skin (especially combined and fatty) during the summer heat, you can often make masks with clay. A moisturizing mask is shown after a long stay in the sun. Save freshness of the body skin will help sunscreen and intensive moisturizing after sunbathing.

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