Fire cut – is a modern exotic service, the essence of which is the effect of fire on the hair shaft. Such type of hair service has appeared in many beauty salons and has already found its true connoisseurs and fans.

Magic healing power of fire

If your hair lacks volume and healthy shine, the tips cut off, then fire cut will be excellent medicine for it. The procedure is divided into two stages: preparatory and, directly, roasting the locks. First, hairstylist washes head with a special shampoo and applies a nutritious mask with vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It is selected directly to be suitable for your hair type. At the end of the procedure, a specialist light a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, and gradually heats hair with fire throughout its length.

The healing effect of fire consists of combustion of dry brittle areas of hair, cauterization, and sealing of overgrown and visited tips. In addition, flame as a catalyst accelerates the process of saturation of hair with nutrient, active components of a mask. Due to high temperature, useful substances penetrate deeply into the hair structure, moisturize and heal it.

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In less than an hour, your hair will turn from a stiff, disobedient bush oh hair to charmingly flowing curls that radiate vitality and health. Hair will become soft, silky, will cease to be electrified, will become stronger, obedient and smooth. This type of haircut is especially suitable for dyed, after waving, damaged as a result of frequent use of hair dryer and curling iron hair. In order to heal hair, and damage it back, the procedure should be carried out by a certified professional hairstylist. Experts recommend repeating the hair roasting every two months.

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Understanding the fact that hair will be affected by the fire, many girls and women are confused and imagine creepy pictures. In fact, the fire cut procedure is absolutely safe, but only if carried out by a specially trained hairstylist.

In a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, you will get rid of the burden of problems and headache, tune in to the positive wave, and most importantly – your hair will change, will acquire a healthy sheen and luxurious volume. Fire Cut is a great opportunity to improve your mood, which is bound to be wonderful for a long time, as the incomparable Sophia Loren said: “The hairstyle influences the way the day is formed, and in the long run the whole life”.

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