Five morning beauty faults that will ruin your day

Everyone knows that beauty is a daily job. It requires not only careful and consistent care but also attentiveness to detail. This is where the main problems occur: most girls make serious mistakes in self-care. We talk about the harmful rituals of morning beauty care, which should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Do not cleanse the skin in the morning

Every girl knows that you can’t go to bed with makeup. But not everyone has heard that you need to cleanse your face in the morning. Of course, this is not about rinsing your eyes and brushing your teeth. We suggest the usual cleansing ritual that you do in the evening. It is especially true for oily and problem skin. After all, at night sebum accumulates on your face, cells die, so they need to be removed. To do this, use delicate gels or foams for washing. The water temperature should be warm.

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Use a scrub

Cleansing is a must-do (read the first point), but there are nuances. The fact is that while you scrubbing the skin in the morning, you open the pores, and then apply makeup on the face, which, in turn, clogs them. Therefore, peeling should be used only in the evening, then apply a skincare serum and moisturizer.

Take a hot shower in the morning

Many people like to wake up with a hot shower, but for the skin, it is not very useful. Due to steaming the skin may become red and irritated. Moreover, for many contrast shower is much more invigorating option, try it yourself. As a shower gel, choose fresh citrus or marine compositions and help them to fully unfold, actively beating with a washcloth. This will help cheer you up.

Squeeze pimples

Acne often appears on the eve of important events, so it is incredibly difficult to refrain from squeezing. And yet cosmetologists strongly advise getting rid of this bad habit. Pimples squeezing leads to the scars and traces of post-acne formation, the spread of infection. 

A special cosmetic concealer with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect will help. Apply a small amount of the product on the damaged areas of the face and fix the result with powder for better stability.

Neglect SPF protection

Sun protection should be one of the main elements of effective care. Solar radiation, which we deal with every day (not just in summer), is one of the main causes of premature skin ageing. Therefore, you should add another important point – the use of cream with a UV filter. Some of these products do not have additional moisturizing properties. So you must also use the usual cream, which will take care of good skin condition (it is better to apply it before SPF).

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