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Footwear – the most important element of the outfit? Autumn 2019 trends

Footwear is sure to compete for the title of the main element in the outfit. Its importance should not be underestimated. Below we look at the trends of shoes for the fall 2019 season. Some of them can easily become the main focus in your wardrobe.

There are trends that stay from season to season and relate to more than one specific part of a look. This trend is not the first season remains an animalistic print. For footwear, it also became relevant this season. It is not usually necessary to buy genuine leather reptile or animal shoes. Modern trends dictate the tendency to abandon genuine leather, especially of exotic animals. There is an incredible number of alternatives. Both skin substitutes and genuine leather with imitation of any texture. All you have to do is decide which one do you prefer. It can be not only leather shoes but also textiles with a certain print. Such shoes or boots are, of course, less practical, but they will be great for dry weather or indoor activities.

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Another “nomad trend” from past seasons is metallic. We’ve already seen it at shows. And here it is again manifested in the shoes autumn-winter 2019/2020. Not necessarily metallic silver only. Gold, bronze, silver or chameleon are all at your discretion.

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Mary Jane’s shoes will be a perfect match for the warm weather and the romantic look. Legendary model in the style of the ‘60s. We can assure you that you can make them feel as if they were on a TV screen or a romantic book heroine. Elegant straps of such shoes will accentuate your ankles. Stylists advise to combine them with any tights. Which, by the way, is also at the peak of popularity this season. It will make look even more light and refined. If you find it difficult to imagine how to choose the right shoes or you are looking for inspiration, look for outfits of MiuMiu.

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And of course, we will tell about comfortable, casual shoes. For example, sneakers. We are sure that they will be on the must-have lists for a long time. Massive ugly shoes, classic leather, any. Choose the ones you like and don’t limit yourself. If you live in a big city, this is definitely one of the best options. The rhythm of life in a metropolis requires comfortable shoes.

For cooler weather, shoes or sneakers may not be appropriate at all, so warmer footwear should be chosen. Boots above the knee. It can be with a wide freebie or close to the foot. Boots can be attributed to classic fall shoes, and some even make them part of a basic fall wardrobe. You can choose the material directly for your needs and requirements. Rough-soled, military-style boots or sophisticated suede boots, such as Stuart Weitzman’s? Choose the ones that fit more or buy both.

The fresh trend this fall is square toe sock. Many stylists even consider it a new classic element. It is also a trend that has come back to us from the past. Square toe shoe was already fashionable in the early ‘90s, it was not long before it returned to the catwalks of fashion shows.

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