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Game of Thrones costume details that you missed

Every small detail on Game of Thrones is really important. Fans know it, and that’s why they pay attention to literally everything, from hairstyles to characters’ facial expressions. But one of the most reliably theory-generating parts of the show—is the costume design.

photo credit: HBO

Michele Clapton, the GoT costumes designer, explained some interesting facts about the GoT clothing and its meaning:
“On Game of Thrones, winter has been coming for a very long time—and finally, it has come. I love the women on this show and how they relate to each other. It’s almost like the closing down of colour. It’s war. War is coming, and I wanted to strengthen them.”

People say ‘Where’s the colour gone?’ Well, there is colour there, but it’s very subdued. If the end of the world was coming as you know it, you wouldn’t actually be colourful and bright. You’d start being incredibly practical. And, actually, you’d be hiding your femininity. I think that’s really important. I wanted the strength in them.”

Sansa and Cersei’s costumes tell you a lot more about them than you might think.

“Within each of their costumes, there are influences. Cersei’s costumes emulate her father. Sansa’s are a part father, part mother. It’s her father’s silhouette with the fur, her mother’s within. The textures are very much from her mother. She’s taken a lot of knowledge from bad people, and she’s hopefully going to use it to good effect one day. I try to always speak to that—where have they come from and what have they been through.”

photo credit: HBO

“Cersei has always spoken a lot through her costumes, often because she didn’t have a voice. On Game of Thrones, you have to say so much in so little time. I use costumes on Cersei to get across her mood and how she’s feeling visually. Whether she’s feeling powerful or whether she’s feeling bereft, or whatever.”

Daenerys’ confidence shows in her coat.

photo credit: HBO

“With Daenerys, there’s a creeping of red within the scaling embroidery of her coat. It’s like she’s finally beginning to grasp power. Although it’s always been her ambition, whether she actually believed she could isn’t clear, even though she said she could. I like the emblematic nature of that.”

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