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The second common cause of gel-lacquer peelings can arise through the fault of the customer. Let’s see why this happens:

1. A frequent cause is an untimely correction – material change and hygienic cleaning. Maximum time of wearing artificial material is 14-21 days. Firstly, the molecular mesh weakens material ages and wears out. Secondly – the natural nail grows, there is excessive pressure on the free edge, as a result of which – it is possible to injure the natural nail. Thirdly – hygiene – you need to remove the old material on time, and clean your nails. And, of course, aesthetics – colored tips, it’s not beautiful, a girl’s hands must always be groomed!

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2. If client self-polishes nails – the end that we sealed, its integrity is violated, as a result of which – detachments occur.

3. If the client does not use cuticle oil at home. Dry nails cannot hold well the artificial material, so it is necessary to apply daily oil for the cuticle.

4. Hormonal failure, taking antibiotics, hormones, contraceptives – these factors affect the whole body, resulting in a rejection of the material.

5. Permanent contact with water and aggressive detergents, washing dishes without gloves. All this leads to the absorption of moisture by the nails, which causes detachment of the gel-varnish.

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6. If, after the first service, the client came to you and you see the delays, be sure to know the cause and fix it.

Communicate with the client, do not forget to tell about home care and safety equipment wearing the material, then your work will be in demand. I wish you success in your work and satisfied customers. See you soon!

Julia Panchuk is a co-founder of the “Fairy” Beauty Salon in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. She has 14 years of work experience as nail-master. She is modeling and design of nails instructor, winner of international championships, judge of international competitions.

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