One of the most common causes of delays is the non-compliance of technologies by nail master. What mistakes are most often made by nail master and how does this affect the wearability of the coating?

1. Poor manicure or lack of it. Most often these are remnants of pterygium on the nail plate.

2. Poorly skimmed nail and dust left on it. In the case of hyperhidrosis – increased sweating of the hands – apply dehydrator up to 5 times.

3. Gloss on the nail plate, substandard treatment with a bag.

4. A nip of the nail plate. Take off only the gloss. If the plate is thin – the material will hold badly.

5. Applying material on the cuticle. Artificial material is applied to the ground surface of the natural nail. Never apply the material on the skin

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6. Poorly dried material. Each layer must be dried for the required amount of time. Pay special attention to the thumbs, dry them separately.

7. A thick layer of material. Apply all layers of the color coating as thinly and neatly as possible, otherwise, the gel-varnish will not completely dry out and, accordingly, will peel off.

8. Unsealed nail end. When coating with gel-varnish, always seal the end of the nail and after that, in any case, do not cut down the free edge.

9. The lamp. Do not forget to change the diode lamps in time, otherwise, they will not be able to dry. Ideally, change the lamp once a year.

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10. Prep and primer. Very often, masters forget to apply them, or they confuse their order of priority.

Prep – degreases the nail plate, primer – is applied as thinly as possible on the natural nail. This is necessary for high-quality nail and artificial material coupling.

If you are interested in finding out the reasons for the delays due to the client’s fault, read on in the sequel …

Julia Panchuk is a co-founder of the “Fairy” Beauty Salon in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. She has 14 years of work experience as nail-master. She is modeling and design of nails instructor, winner of international championships, judge of international competitions.

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